YTP customers will immediately be taken care of- from the outset of boarding to the moment of departure.  Transfers, using comfortable shuttles to and from ports/airports on arrival/departure will be available on demand.


Upon boarding, the base manager will explain the functioning of all equipment to the designated skipper in order so that he/she may navigate the boat simply and safely to the fullest. At this point, a great deal of information will be given in regards to headings, routes, courses, ports and practicable sailing distances depending on the length of the cruise vacation. 

Normally the boat will be consigned in the evening and ready for sailing off in the morning. One night spent on board in the harbour will help the guests to familiarize themselves with the boat, the instruments and the space within the boat.

We suggest the boat be returned in good  time in order to avoid any possible delays. If you are late in returning the boat, you will break the contract time and run into a sanction. The contract is clear: any lateness on your part will complicate the boarding of the next crew. Not only that, but in any last minute rush,  something of value or importance may be forgotten and left behind.


Upon checking out, you will be asked for a report on the cruise, the general condition of the boat and of the equipment. The boat will be thoroughly checked after the check out and you will be responsible if you give a false or misleading report. You could be reported to the authorities if your report jeopardizes the safety (even the life) of the next crew. The skipper is responsible for the boat and it’s crew throughout the entire length of the cruise.

On the subject of Skipper

...Having been involved for many years in the activity and in extensive charters, we feel that a vacation on a boat is far more relaxing if the skipper is a professional with a lot of experience, vast knowledge of the place and the best places to visit, and one who can avoid potential damage on board, thus making the trip more enjoyble. At YTP, our skippers,  professionals at your service who not only can guarantee a serene and pleasant vacation, combine the mastery of the art of sailing with being an excellent sail guide, since they have direct and detailed knowledge of the places of navigation. Plus our boats provide a cabin for the skipper with separate access and a bathroom which is a further guarantee of comfort and privacy for the crew. Often enough, towards the end of the cruise, our skipper will become that likeable and reliable “friend” that you will insist to take with you on the next sailing vacation.