Main Bases:

Poltu Quatu (Sardinia)

Secondary Bases:

Roma/Ostia (Lazio)




We are very proud to point out this new base. This spot is universally considered the most beautiful archipelago of the Mediterranean since it has a marvellously wild uncontaminated nature, crystal clear waters and white sand beaches.  This is a real paradise for the sea and beach lovers. Its position allows for a good sailing vacation as there are strong winds but they are not a hindrance to navigation. The presence of many islands and safe shelters will stop the sea from forming and with the slightest bit of attention, you can reach almost all the beaches and the most famous little bays safely.

The YTP offices are based here and with its staff always on duty, any problems can be easily solved . Poltu Quatu marina will provide all the services:  assistance with mooring, refilling of fresh water, re-charging of electric power 220 volts, toilettes, showers, parking, phones, restaurants, bars and shopping, service center (0789/99428).

Besides all these services, let’s not forget that Corsica is easily reachable in two hours.  Bonifacio (where you can rent little jeeps for excursions) and Porto Vecchio are not only beautiful in nature but full of history:  Sardinia and Corsica will give you an unforgettable vacation.  

Seasons and Weather Conditions
January February average temp. day 10° - 14°
Prevailing winds NO 15/30 - NE  5/15 knots
March April May average temp. day 15° - 25°
Prevailing wind NO 15/30 - SE 5/20 knots
June July August September average temp. day 25° - 35°
Prevailing winds SE 5/15 - NO 10/40 knots
October November December average temp, day 15° - 25°
Prevailing wind NO 5/25 - ESE 5/35 knots