In order to get that service and precision is essential that when you rent a boat with YTP, everything happens in the expected terms and according to everything in writing in the documents given at the moment of the boarding: compilation and/or sending of the contract, the records of all your previous experiences cruises, payments and all other necessary information, must arrive in time so as to avoid difficulties and discrepancies.  The exact details of your arrival at the chosen base must be confirmed not more than a week before the boarding. At the end of check-in, the contract formalities  will be perfected in case they have not been complete prior to the boarding.

Charter Contract

It is a valid and very important document to navigate with YTP. We suggest that you read it fully and carefully, so that you can clarify any and every point in order to avoid unnecessary and unpleasant disputes.



It is a document that certifies the presence of all the equipment on board verified during the check-in, the perfect functioning of the boat in all its parts, plus the commercial value reimbursable in case of loss. In case of damage or loss, the contract and the check-list will help avoid unnecessary and unpleasant disputes and negotiations.


If there are no damages the deposit will be returned. In case of damage, the amount (as of contract) will be paid during the check-out. In case of damage not paid on the spot, the deposit will be kept until the problem has been solved. Then, the amount for the damage will be subtracted  and the difference will be sent to the customer with a list of expenses. The presence on board of one of our skipper cuts to zero the chance of this occurring so that is why we recommend you to use our skipper. Why ruin your vacation?!

The Final Cleaning

For final cleaning, in other words the deep cleaning and final sterilization of the entire inside of the boat, this means, the bost has to be handed back clean both inside and out:  rinsed with fresh water, including all the equipment, tops, in order and in its on place ready to depart again.

 Final cleaning cost price: 100

The handing back of an unproperly cleaned boat will be met with a penalty of Euro 100.00