Most  problems that occur on board happen because of misuse of the boat and its equipment. We strongly advise you, therefore, to follow the instructions of the check-in with the utmost attention and ask for any further explanation you may need if you have any doubts whatsoever. If you leave from the Poltu Quatu base you encounter any problems, get in touch with us immediately at the numbers that the base manager has given you: the faster you call in the faster we can help out. With the widespread use of the charter boats, the combination of experience, education and sea-faring mentality,  diminishes more and more.  This could generate more and more  unpleasant situations independently from any will or fault. So, it would be better to handle the vacation on a boat, especially without a professional skipper, with the right degree of preparation and respect for all the “unwritten rules” that have always been, part of the sailor's codes. Correct manners, personal respect  and the "code of the sea" are very important for us. We expect the same from anyone who sails with us.