Departure Base for Charters: Port of POLTU QUATU (Sardinia)

Northern Sardinia, Southern Corsica and  the Maddalena Archipelago, form one of the most fascinating areas for the sailing. The scenery, the landings, the different harbours and the tourist services are exceptional. The three zones share the turquoise waters of  the Mediterranean sea and the bright sunhine, extraordinary colours, and rugged coastlines full of interesting places to discover. These fantastic coasts, loved by kings, writers, artists and actors, are considered to be a relaxing place to get away from it all.

Emerald Coast (Sardinia) and South Corsica

The "Emerald Coast" (Costa Smeralda), situated on the north east coast of Sardinia opposite Corsica, is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful areas in the world for sailing; and it is most famous for the Rolex Swan Regatta and The Sardinia Cup. This location is a sailor's ideal dream spot.

Between the Costa Smeralda and Corsica is Sardinia's most important group of islands:  the Maddalena Archipelago. It offers the safest navigation and plentiful landings. Except for the north-west wind that blows periodically and the sirocco, the region enjoys gentle sea breezes which drop in the evening. Even when there are strong winds, it is still possible to explore many sheltered areas and continue the cruise.

Southern Corsica is separated from Sardinia by the legendary strait:  the Mouth of Bonifacio. Southern Corsica, with its wide variety of scenery,  turquoise and transparent sea, huge granite peeks and vast woods, form one of the most spectacular regions of the island.


Bonifacio, which marks the southern extremity of Corsica, has its old town district on top of white cliffs overlooking the sea and the port. Besides Bonifacio, a very popular tourist center, there is also Portovecchio, with its Genoese citadel; and small islands like Lavezzi and Cavallo.

Ajaccio, situated in south western Corsica, is the biggest Corsican town with palm trees, small streets, bars and a port which is known for being Napoleon's birthplace

For charters in this splendid area, our boats are available at Poltu Quatu port in the northern side of the Emerald Coast.